Founded by award-winning Designers Beau Bolce and John Hinger, Quince & Quinn is among the most respected interior design destinations in Ohio


At the core of the Quince & Quinn brand is the belief that surrounding ourselves with beautiful, personal, uncommon things—be it at home or at work is not just stylish—it's enriching, soulful and ultimately comfortable. 

Get the room you always wanted, in the home you already have.

Our mission is to make achieving this at once attainable and enjoyable. 

This belief is foundational to every service we offer from interior design and creative collaboration to event styling. 


Our team works in a variety of ways.

Broadly, we break these into these four categories:


Interior Design

Be it commercial or residential, Quince & Quinn works to deliver seamless, well-executed projects on time and on budget—regardless of the scale. Consulting with clients both local and international, our design team draws inspiration from a variety of sources from fashion, art, travel and history—but most of all our clients. We believe this culminates in spaces that aren't simply the result of good taste, design thinking or an astute eye—but spaces that are comfortable and enjoyable, the result of a client-centric focus. 

On-site Work Room

Quince & Quinn recently acquired its own on-site workroom, giving our designers the ability to control every step of the process. From drapery to light upholstery, pillows or custom bedding—we are proud to control the quality we deliver to our clients from fabric selection to the final stitch.


Quince & Quinn has years of experience collaborating with architects, contractors, landscape architects and planners. Years of collaborative expertise eases and expedites the process for our clients and colleagues—whether we're crafting the ideal team or joining an existing one.

Event Styling

Quince & Quinn's John Hinger has built a reputation for his brave creative approach and his knack for balancing executional pragmatism with breathtaking results. 

Whether styling a fashion luncheon for Carolina Herrera, a corporate event or a local arts event, his ability to conjure stunning theatrical spaces from the simplest of materials is testament to his skill and genuine creativity.